“LISMA” restores production of bactericidal lamps

Arc discharge bactericidal high-pressure lamp DRT Ultra is designed to kill pathogenic microorganisms – bacteria, viruses and different kinds of fungi. Its purpose is disinfection of household premises, vehicles, air, water, surfaces, medical instruments. Ultraviolet radiation triggers irreversible damages in microbes DNA and causes their death. Its radiation kills up to 99% of various microorganisms, including those resistant to chemical effect. During operation the lamp produces ozone.

DRT Ultra lamp isn’t a new development. Our company has a wide range of bactericidal lamps since Soviet times - comments Igor Konstantinov, Managing Director of Saransk Lighting Engineering Plant LISMA. – The manufacturing of some lamps was ceased in years 2000, some of them later. The manufacturing of lamps DRT was stopped in 2017, three years ago. The production of mercury-containing lamps was stopped in the same year. The reason was the tightening of legislation regarding the use of mercury in Russia. But the fact is that the mercury compounds provide the ultraviolet radiation spectrum - there is no alternative to it yet. Our experts are constantly experimenting with the new available UVC LEDs, but their efficiency is ten times lower and the cost is higher. Now we are urgently restoring the production of DRT because this lamp is especially necessary in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic and an acute shortage of disinfecting devices.

We draw your attention to the recommendations of Ministry of Health of Russia ( ). Air disinfection using bactericidal irradiator is the most effective measure against pathogenic microorganisms, including influenza viruses that have a similar structure with coronavirus. Currently, the development and commissioning of the irradiator is being completed.

LISMA applied for certification of DRT Ultra lamps; preliminary applications are already being accepted. Products will go on sale at the end of the next week. Guaranteed lifetime - 1000 hours.

In addition, the company began to develop another light source with a similar effect but more powerful, efficient and convenient to use.

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