Development projects

The company currently sells 22 effective investment projects, aimed at improving business efficiency.

Key development projects:

1) modernization and technical upgrading of the glass furnace project

One of the activities of the Republic of Mordovia State Unitary Enterprise "Lisma" is the production of semi-finished products and components of the electric bulb glass of various compositions. The bulk of products produced in the glass furnace №1, the planned operational life of which ends in 2016. To carry out cold repair of a furnace decided to attract leading industry professionals and the most advanced technology.

Project implementation period 2015-2016 gg.

CAPEX: 120 mln. Rub.

During the project, the key challenges are the ability to produce glass of the highest quality products, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of glass melting process. To achieve their first studio simulation conducted cooking processes on glass furnace of the existing structure and with the help of a computer model and modern methods of analysis determined the optimal scenario. Based on the data prepared by the project documentation for the construction of a furnace with an improved design, construction and management of complex system solutions and automation.


The construction of refractory materials from reputable manufacturers will be used, which has a positive impact on the occurrence of defects due to contact with the refractory particles into the glass. The introduction of bubbling, the possibility of fine-tuning of gas burners and automation and control system will solve the problem of regulation of glassmaking process, it will allow us to monitor and change the parameters of glass production.


Superior design and construction of gas burners, automatic control system of cooking and modifications to the furnace itself will significantly reduce energy consumption for the production of glass. As a system for heat recovery from exhaust gases, which affect the additional energy efficiency as a whole plant.



Upgraded burning system will reduce emissions of NOx and the amount of unburned fuel in the atmosphere, thereby to be achieved environmental performance of European production levels.

2) Project: "The centralization of warehouses of finished goods, creating a single logistics terminal in the building №2 EMU".

At the moment, the Republic of Mordovia SUE "Lisma" distributed throughout the manufacturing enterprise platform that reduces the load of consumers and significantly increases the costs of internal logistical movements and content storage.

Project implementation period 2015-2017 gg.

CAPEX: 120 mln. Rub.

The project involves the creation of a single finished product storage with the installation of modern packaging and storage equipment.


The project will be implemented a high-performance verification, and packaging equipment, which will increase the marketability of products, will be implemented 100% packaging products on pallets.


By implementing a rack equipment and modern warehouse management methods will ensure a reduction in boot times 3 times the consumers of cars, increased accuracy of registration of shipments of production.

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